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Search of forms of organization

Обновлено 04.10.2021
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General information

The directory contains the list of legal forms of organization.

Search of legal forms of organization

Method request

Request example

Method address: https://api.dellin.ru/v1/references/opf_list.json


Method address: https://api.dellin.ru/v1/references/opf_list.xml


Description of parameters

appkeyYesstringApplication key. To get the key, register

Full legal form name or its fragment. Minimum string length - 3 characters.

Search by the beginning and by the end of the string.

*Only one of the following parameters can be passed in a request: "title" or "name"


Short name of the legal form (ООО, ОАО, etc.).

Search from the beginning of the string, exact match is required.

*Only one of the following parameters can be passed in a request: "title" or "name"

countryUIDNostringCountry UID, see "Countries search"

Method response

Response example

      "generated_at":"2015-06-18 12:37:28"
         "title":"Открытое Акционерное Общество",
      <generated_at>2015-06-18 12:37:28</generated_at>
      <title>Открытое Акционерное Общество</title>

Description of parameters

metadataobjectSystem information
metadata.statusintegerEmulated status http-code. If successful, code 200 is returned

Server response date and time.


dataarray of DataInformation on legal form
data.uidstringLegal form UID
data.namestringShort name of the legal form (ООО, ОАО, etc.)
data.juridicalbooleanLegal entity indicator
data.titlestringFull legal form name
data.innLengthintegerRequired number of digits in TIN
data.countryUIDstringCountry UID, see "Countries search"

Error handling

The common API errors are used with the method, for errors format description and errors list see Errors of API methods.